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Jan 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
owners who have not complied with san francisco's health care law. what are they doing with the surcharge? >> clamor at court house over an oyster farm, is it's a fight for survival. >> i got my tickets. >> he's not going to disneyland, he's go together super bowl. an experience to save yoer for fans and players alike. >>> san francisco 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not be charged for alleged sexual assault in a downtown hotel. >> just a moment moments ago the district attorney announced the case has been investigated by police and there is not enough evidence to charge crabtree for the encounter a woman at the w hotel. this allegedly took place after the niners beat the packers in candle stick park this month. crabtree was never detained or arrested. >> investigators say crabtree fully cooperated and we've reported sources say two other women who were there at the time told police the sex was consensual. >> in just minutes we'll go live to niners headquarters and will hear from the team as they prep and do interviews before heading off to new orleans for super bowl 47. good e
Jan 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
degrees, our abc news duluth affiliate meteorologist seemed to defy the laws of physics, freezing bubbles in mid-air and turning a banana into a hammer. and don't expect this to end any time soon. and that's because forecasters believe this will be a freezing weekend. but as you can see, we don't need anymore snow around these parts of central new york. diane? >> okay, gio, thank you. and we want everyone to know, we welcome you to abc news. >>> and now, to manti te'o, the football star at the heart of that bizarre hoax, sitting down for his first on-camera interview with abc news anchor katie couric, telling what he knew, what he says he did not and how even his parents were duped by belief in a girlfriend who did not exist. tonight, we have a special first look at her exclusive interview. katie will be here in a moment, but with the story, matt gutman. >> reporter: manti te'o tells abc's katie couric he was duped. in love with a woman he met online four years ago, but never saw. a woman he thought died of cancer in september. he spoke of her throughout his epic football season. even two
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm EST
of a major change. >> well, the short answer is, it's about time. one of the points of the scout law is you have to be honest and thus wore think and these kids have not been allowed to do that. >> reporter: families tell their stories like ohio mother jennifer tyrell's. >> suddenly, my life was badges and knots. >> reporter: but she says she was then fired by the local cub scout troop for being gay. told her sexual orientation did not meet the high standards of conduct, that it would be a distraction. >> well, i'm not a distraction. she's not a distraction. we are moms. and we are americans. >> reporter: her boy wiping away tears. but it's not just pressure from faces, families like this one. it's financial, too. support from some of the boy scouts biggest sponsors could be at stake if they don't change. but there is a divide in this country when it comes to allowing gay adults to be scout leaders. look at americans under 30. 60% say yes. americans older than 50, just 39% say yes. tonight, one religious leader saying a change in policy, nothing less than disastrous for the boy scouts of am
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)